The mission of Your Water Matters is to provide the highest level of service to our customers that results in them enjoying clean water year after year without frustration or concern.

According to the global marketing and research firm, Transparency Market Research, “the water purifier market will rise from its initial valuation of ~ US$ 67 Bn in 2019 to reach the mark of ~ US$ 128 Bn by the end of 2027” (“Water Purifier Market”, July 10, 2019). People are spending a LOT of money to acquire and maintain clean water. Our customers are a part of this growing phenomenon. Whole home water filtration systems can, on the low end, cost $3,000 and stretch upwards of $10,000. That is a major investment that needs to be protected.

Our company wants to expose and address one of the ugly secrets of the industry. That secret is that their systems will work for years and years without any need for service. Can you imagine buying a car and being told you never have to service it? You never have to change the oil, change the belts or hoses, or change the tires. Who wouldn’t want to get in on that deal? When people are sold these systems, typically, several things take place that bring frustration to homeowners.

1.They are not told HOW their systems work. They know their systems filter water but they are not educated in what different media technologies are in their systems and what each media does to give them clean water. One of our goals is to educate the homeowner so they learn how their systems work and what each media does to filter their water.

2. They are not told WHY their systems need servicing. Isn’t it interesting that a person is not deterred from buying a car even though they know they will have to spend hundreds of dollars a year in service and maintenance costs. For some reason, water companies down play the reality that the systems they sell have a limited life span unless they are professionally serviced. Why is this? The short answer is the corrosive chemicals in the water, like chlorine, are coming in contact with the carbon and resins which help soften and clean the water. Over time, their capacity to clean the water lessens till, eventually, they are not able to filter the water anymore.

What would happen, however, if your water was tested and your media was inspected every year? What would happen if the media that is being negatively impacted was replaced to optimum efficiency every single year? You guessed it. You would NEVER NOT have clean water! That’s why our service technicians actually take the head off your unit and do a thorough inspection of your media to see just what needs to be replaced.

3.They are not told HOW MUCH they could save if they would simply have their systems serviced. Ask any car mechanic how much a customer will save on their vehicle if they would simply have it properly serviced? The same is true for home water filtration systems. When people buy systems, you will hear language like, “This system has a 650,000 gallon capacity.” What does this mean? It simply means it will not filter after you supposedly use 650,000 gallons of water. Then, what do you do? Yep! BUY ANOTHER SYSTEM! But what if you could replenish the media at a fraction of the cost AS the system is being used. What if you could have your water tested every year to make sure your system is doing its job? Over time, you will save thousands of dollars.

Your Water Matters provides maintenance plans that allow each customer to choose the level of protection and service they want for their unit. For some, they want the simplest and most cost-effective plan. For others, they don’t want to worry about any additional out of pocket expenses and opt for our platinum plan. These plans simply give our customers the security of knowing that one of the most important and costly investments they have made will be protected and sustained year after year.