A beyond profit company is a company that chooses to take some of its profits and give them to people and places of great need.

It is a company that measures success by its impact and service to others, not simply on its profits or financial bottom line. It is a company that believes in doing good while doing well. It is a company that is committed to building a legacy more than simply making a living. This is what Your Water Matters wants to be.

We believe that work is a calling, not just a necessary evil needed to survive. Why are people frustrated with their jobs? It can be boiled down with two words: Culture & Purpose. The culture of many companies is anything but life giving and purpose driven.

Typically, employees have no greater purpose for showing up to work. We believe that Your Water Matters should create, cultivate, and protect a culture of life and purpose. We want those who work here to thrive. When our employees show up to work and work well, they are changing the world…literally! Their efforts allow us to extend our profits to places and people of need not only locally, but also around the world.

It is an incredible feeling to know we’re changing a part of the world that is unique to us. People are forever changed because we chose to get involved in their challenging world. As a company, we are honored to do these things.

Presently, our company is helping some very needy people in East Africa. Besides working in these isolated and desperate villages, we are in the process of serving numerous small business owners as well so their companies can become self-sustaining providing new jobs to many people in need.


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