The mission of Your Water Matters is to provide the highest level of service to our customers that results in them enjoying clean water year after year without frustration or concern.

Your Water Matters

is a company that services whole home water filtration systems. Our passion is to help home owners sustain and protect their investment in their systems. The company founders were some of the industry’s most successful in terms of the volume of new water systems sold to home owners. What they discovered, however, is the lack of focused attention and desire to keep peoples’ systems operating at optimum levels. Therefore, they shifted their focus from selling systems on the front end, to servicing systems on the back end.


The team at YWM brings over 30 years of experience in the water industry to more effectively and efficiently serve our customers. Not only is our company familiar with how these systems operate and are intended to function, but we are also up to date on new media technologies that are being used in the new systems being sold today. Beyond this, we are constantly monitoring new contaminants that are entering the water sources of cities across the DFW metroplex. As these contaminants are discovered, we are introducing and providing new media to our customers to ensure they will always have the purest water possible.

To us, serving our customers well with professionalism, integrity, and skill is our highest value. Knowing that we are bringing life and health to thousands of people every day simply by keeping their systems serviced gives us a level of personal satisfaction and pride that words cannot adequately describe. Simply put, we feel blessed that we can provide a service that positively impacts the lives of so many.