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Your Water Matters

Our passion is to ensure you will enjoy clean water year after year.

About Us

Your Water Matters is a company that services whole home water filtration systems. Our passion is to help home owners sustain and protect their investment in their systems. The company founders are some of the industry’s most successful in terms of the volume of new water systems sold to home owners. What they discovered, however, is the lack of focused attention and desire to keep peoples’ systems operating at optimum levels. Therefore, they shifted their focus from selling systems on the front end, to servicing systems on the back end.

Benefits of Water Filtration & Softening

Hard Water

Prevent build-up of film on tubs, sinks, faucets, and wall tiles. Eliminate water spots on glassware and dishes. Use less household soap and cleaners. Ease skin ailments such as itching and irritation. Have softer skin and hair.


Does your water smell or taste like chlorine? Municipal water plants use chlorine to treat your water supply. Remove unpleasant chlorine before it comes into affects your family through bathing, cooking, washing and drinking.

Scale Buildup

Extend the life of your appliances like dishwashers, water heaters and clothes washers by reducing the build-up of scale in heating elements and pipes. Simultaneously reduce white-crusty deposits on fixtures around the house.


Protect your family from harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, and pfos/pfas. Get clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, coffee/tea, and baby formula. No need to haul wasteful plastic bottles from store.

Iron & pH

Treat problem water by eliminating iron. Neutralizing acidic water by raising the pH of your water and reap the benefits for your home and family. Enjoy the enhanced flavor that alkalinity adds to your clean drinking water.

Our Service Goal

According to the global marketing and research firm, Transparency Market Research, “the water purifier market will rise from its initial valuation of ~ US$ 67 Bn in 2019 to reach the mark of ~ US$ 128 Bn by the end of 2027” (“Water Purifier Market”, July 10, 2019).

Our Privilege

A beyond profit company is a company that chooses to take some of its profits and give them to people and places of great need. It is a company that measures success by its impact and service to others, not simply on its profits or financial bottom line. It is a company that believes in doing good while doing well.

Our Mission

The mission of Your Water Matters is to provide the highest level of service to our customers that results in them enjoying clean water year after year without frustration or concern


I had my system installed by about 5 years ago. Your Water Matters came into the picture a couple years ago and I have a maintenance plan with them. Every time I call I get through and am able to speak to someone. If I call after hours and leave a message they return my call in a very timely manner. I have called them out 3 or 4 times already and every time it’s a pleasant experience. I don’t know anything about installation as far as if your water matters is doing that now but the maintenance is great.

Ranfy E.

Garland, TX

Roger and Ed did a great job installing our system. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was installed correctly and was aesthetically pleasing. They were very personable and made sure we were well informed every step of the way. We were very pleased with the installation process.

Robyn C.

Lewisville, TX

I have been using Your Water Matters for about five months now. I like everything about their product. The water is good, clean, and clear. Their staff is very friendly, informative, and does a good job. I recommend their service to everyone that drinks my water.

Serene L.

Mansfield, TX

Your Water Matters is the way to go. I recently moved to a new house, and didn't know anything about water softeners or how important they are. The technician came by and explained everything before installing the system. He really taught me a lot, and I definitely see a difference! The water is much softer, and there is no more residue in my cups. I'd definitely recommend hiring Your Water Matters.

Clint J.

Lancaster, TX

From the Customer assistance to the service done,...very professional from beginning to completion. Way, way better the the original company that originally did my install and service. Very straight forward in every way. Thanks again.

Bill S.

Cleburne, TX

My systems drainage pipe bust during the winter storm. When the system recycled 2 weeks after the storm my garage was flooded. Within a couple of hours a tech was at my place and had everything fixed. Thank you all.

Rick M.

Fort Worth, TX

The technician was on time and very quick on the upgrade. He also explained in depth what he was doing and his recommendations for the current service necessary to maintain our water softener in good working condition. He was very conversational and easy to talk to, and made the whole experience very pleasant. Thanks guys!

Chris C.

Lewisville, TX

They came out and installed the system then guided me through what I needed to do. Pretty simple!! I think I’ve had my system for well over a year now and it’s nice to be able to drink out of the faucet!!

Annette B.

Euless, TX

Gabriel was very good at communicating on when he would show up, he even let me know he had to step away from the job, therefore stopping his labor timer. He was very professional and respectful. I would recommend this technician to anyone.

Dustin S.

Mc Kinney, TX